About us


We are a bunch of modders which have made similar

projects in the past to allow the r6 community

experience older versions of the game.

Special thanks to

JVAV - Owner of the website and got the frontend working

LordElias - Got the front end working along with Jvav

Ernie - Did most of the backend of the website

Monke - Helped with the icons and R6 downloader

SlejmUr - Did basically all of the R6 downloader and much more

Lungu - Helped making the frontend responsive

Our motive to doing this is to allow members of the Rainbow Six

Siege community experience older versions of the game safely,

without hassle.

Hello! Welcome to our website where we make tools for

downloading and playing on old builds of Rainbow Six Siege.

In our website you can find links to discord servers and tools for

downloading old builds of the game.


*As of right now, 2FA for Ubisoft verification is not working and we are actively trying to find a fix.