Q: Why do I have to put my Ubisoft login info to play old versions?

A: This is a safety measure to ensure that you own Siege and don't pirate copies. We do not store any data related to sensitive information such as passwords.

Q: How do I redeem my serial key?

A: In MegaSiege, navigate to the serial key option and paste your serial key in. It will then come up with a prompt asking you if you wish to proceed downloading the option you selected on the website and it will begin downloading.

Q: How do I download Old Siege versions if I can't login or there is no login button?

A: Sometimes things goes down. We will solve the issue as fast as we can. Please be patient!

Q: Why does Windows say R6Downloader is a virus?

A: As with many programs that you install, Windows detects them as a virus because a) the program is not signed, b) R6Downloader is downloading files from the internet and c) R6Downloader is modifying your internal storage. R6Downloader is not a virus, but it is up to your discretion if you wish to download old versions.

Q: How do I change my name in game?

A: In the downloaded folder, there is a file called CODEX.ini. Open the file in notepad and locate UserName=, delete CHANGEYOURNAMEHERE, and put whatever name you want.

Q: Why can't I play online?

A: There are no official Ubisoft servers designed for older versions of Rainbow Six Siege as it was never designe to be played on, however you can use software like Radmin VPN to connect with others and play local custom games.

Q: Will I get banned for using this software?

A: No, you can not get banned for downloading it due to it being another instance of Rainbow Six Siege and it isn't linked / connected to your ubisoft account.